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28 minutes

Featuring original songs by The Shuffle Demons

Produced, written and directed by Jack Micay

OXYGEN, WHAT A GAS! is an innovative, award winning science teaching film that covers the scientific history of oxygen and brings to life such basic science concepts as:

- the composition of the atmosphere

- the chemistry of oxidation, differentiating covalent and ionic bonding

- human respiration and circulation

- the effects of low oxygen, both at altitude and at sea level due to heart and lung disease

- human and animal adaptations to low oxygen conditions

- the modern manufacture of oxygen

These science concepts are brought to life in songs by The Shuffle Demons, a theatrical jazz/rock group, creative animation, rare archival footage, spectacular sequences shot in the Rockies and the Himalayas and an interview with Sir Edmund Hillary.

“Science videos will never by the same. OXYGEN, WHAT A GAS! makes its educational point with a beat.” - Montreal Gazette

“This scientific documentary is enhanced by graphics, animation and comical musical scenarios. Students will enjoy the offbeat musical interludes provided by the Shuffle Demons. It will be a valuable resource for any science department."   **** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Available in both English and French versions


* Grand Prize, ‘Casa de las Ciencias’ Festival, Spain

* Grand Prize, TECHFILM, the Czech Republic

* Golden Apple, U.S. National Educational Film Festival

* Gold Medal, Int. Red Cross Film Festival, Bulgaria

* Gold Medal and Special Award, Medikinale International, Italy

* Best Foreign Film, Philadelphia Int. Film Festival

* Silver Medal, Int. Film and TV Festival of New York